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We sell our cheeks made to measure booty leggings and more made from Latex.

These are fabricated in the atelier of DeMask, with our pattern.

They have 20 years experience with glueing latex

Latex (rubber) is a 100% natural material, and when polished it will give that absolute mirror shine.

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Please note that due to a shortage of raw material in europe the production lead time can be longer.

tights, ishtar and brute, leather

Sales price: 95,24 €
Sales price without tax: 95,24 €
wonder wash 1000 ml PV_017

Sales price: 32,00 €
Sales price without tax: 32,00 €
wonder wash 250ml PV_015

Sales price: 19,05 €
Sales price without tax: 19,05 €
wonder wash 500 ml PV_016

Sales price: 21,00 €
Sales price without tax: 21,00 €



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