How to measure your body

Please note!
First of all, we want body measurements, so do not measure a garment or give garment/confection sizes!
All the measurements are taken the same way regardless male or female, but it is good to let us know if you have a male body or female body if you are purchasing a crotch zipper as the measurements can differ in lengths from male and female and it could help us to know if the measurements are correct or not.
Please use a sewing tape measure that is flexible and not a building tape measure or ruler unless it is for the body height!
Please use the measurements in inch or cm in filling in the measurements! No mm foot or yards, so don't put inch or cm behind the measured numbers, we will know in in what measurement is was done in!

How to measure.

BL Body length:

From the top of your head till the floor, without shoes and flat feet on the floor standing straight chest out.

LL Leg length:

From your waist down till the floor, without shoes standing straight chest out.

IL Inside leg length:

From next to your crotch in your groin (next to your private parts against your pelvic bone) down till the floor, without shoes and flat feet on the floor standing straight chest out.

RL Rise length:

From your waist down till your crotch. The best way to measure : Sit on a hard surface, sit straight up, and measure from your waist down till the hard surface, make sure you are sitting straight with chest out.

For us to get a better idea of your shape or form (for example longer back than front), is to measure the rise from the front, side and back of the body while sitting down on the hard surface sitting straight with chest out.

The rise length has a minimum of 27cm/10.6inch and up!

So please double check your rise!!

Mnemonic: The inside leg length + the rise length = leg length, these are important to measure correctly and add up, or the length of the legs will be too short and the waistband will sit too low.

WC Waist circumference:

Your waist is located between your last ribs and the top your hip bone. Normally +/- two or three centimeters above your belly button (can be more depending on your shape). Tie a string in the waist to help with you with other measurements such as the rise and leg length and crotch length.

Please note!

We want the waistline high, not low or medium! even if you are male or want a low waist!

We make the measurements by going off the same height and deducting the height for a low waist legging or short.

LWC Low waist circumference:

Is located on your hip. It will go from just above your butt crack to just above the line where your stomach ends or just above your pubic bone (where the underwear band should be).

HC Hip circumference:

The biggest part of your buttocks.

ThC Thigh circumference:

The biggest part of your thigh. Normally located between 5 and 7 cm from your crotch.

KnC Knee circumference:

The biggest part of your knee measured with a straight leg (not a bent knee) foot flat on the floor.

CC Calf circumference:

The biggest part of your calf.

FtC foot-through circumference:

Place the ball of your foot on the floor and raise the heel and measure the largest part around your heel and the arch of your foot.

AC ankle circumference:

Measure just above your ankle.

CLS Crotch length Smooth:

This measurement is taken from the front of the waist until the back of waist, going through the legs smooth over the genitalia and in between the butt crack (this is not doable with the tape measure) our advice is, if you have kept the string tied in the waist you will take another string tie it at the front of the string that is in your waist line, now you will take the string and pull it to the string in the back of the waist between the legs.

Now, you need to be careful to make it run smooth over the genitalia without it pulling in between, but at the same time in the back you need it to go through the butt cheeks until the string tied in the waist on your back.

Now, make sure the string is going flat on your back and that the string tied in the waist is level and not pulling down (adjust if needed).

Then hold on to the one in the back pull it forward again (cut it so the length is not lost) then if you tied it to the front cut it where the string meets the waist string, the length of the string you have left from front until back you will need to measure.

The string length is the crotch length smooth measurement and we use this for the crotch zipper.

We have found that it should start round 64/65cm/25.2inch and up in our database.

CLCT Crotch Length Camel Toe:

This measurement is taken from the front waist until the back waist going through the the genitalia lips and in between the butt cheeks.

If you have the string still in the waist (what is advisable) then you take another string tie it to the front and go to your back waist in between the genitalia and in the butt crack keep it as taunt as you find it comfortable for a camel toe until the string in the back (make sure the string is lying flat against the back).

While doing this make sure the string in the back and the front are not pulling down.

Now you can take the string from the back holding it until it met the string in the back and pull it again forward.

Then cut the string, to make sure that the length is not lost, then cut the string tied to the front where the waist string meet.

This string length is now the crotch length for the camel toe.

UBC Upper Bust Circumference:

Measure the circumference on top of the bust going under the armpit around the body going under the armpit and meeting back at the starting point.

BC Bust Circumference:

Measure the bust circumference by wearing a thin bra (no padding) from nipple going around the body over the other nipple to the starting point sometimes helps to bend over and measure over the nipples.

UnBC under bust circumference:

Measure the circumference under the bust by going around the body and meeting back at starting point (usually where the bra band is).

Foot length:

To measure the foot, take a pencil or pen and 2 pieces of paper big enough for the whole foot no shoes (preferably with no sock on) to fit on to it and stand on the middle of the paper still having some room around the foot. Now take the pen or pencil and draw around each foot the measure from the longest part of the toe until the end of the heel of each foot take the longest measurement from both of the feet, this will be your foot length.

You can also take the paper put it against the wall (short side) then stand on the paper with your heel against the wall and draw a line from the longest toe horizontally, then measure the length from the end that was against the wall until the line from the toes, this is the foot length.

KnH Knee height:

From your knee till the floor without shoes.

We check all the measurement data. We have size tables that range from size 32 to size 60.

Plus we do have this size tables in in 8 different waist hip ratios (body types), so in total we can check on 120 different sizes.

If we find some irregular measurement data once we checked it, we will contact you , we will kindly ask if you can check (measure again) this particular measurement data. This is just to be sure. We know that taking measurements is not easy, and a mistake is easily made.

So for this please use an email when ordering or when you make an account with an active used email address that is checked regularly so you can check your email and spam for any messages from us.

We have too many clients who use an email account that is not used or updated and miss many emails from us about the measurements or shipping.

If you have any questions about your measurements or you are not sure about it, please ask us.