How to order

You have the choice of either making an account with your measurements or checking out as a guest we do advise to make an account for future purchases.

once you are ready to checkout you will be presented with an array of measurements if you are purchasing a garment (if you are purchasing a non garment with measurements required then you can checkout without needing to put any measurements)

The measurements you will be asked to fill in are required for the item/s you are wanting to purchase, in the measurements page are the how to measure examples and video's.

If you are having a hard time to get your required measurements done correctly please contact us to help you further.

Once the measurements are filled in and completed you can now start filling in your details for shipping and once cleared you are able to pay your item/s.

We accept different payment options at the checkout.

If the system does not let you check out it may be that the country you live in is not deliverable or the payment option is not valid, if it keeps occurring please contact us so we can help find out what the reason is of why you are unable to purchase.