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Jolene: Red Latex Flare Pants - Custom Made | Ishtar&Brute Flare Pants - Custom Made | Ishtar&Brute  Red Latex Flare Pants - Custom Made | Ishtar&Brute Jolene: Red Latex Bootcut Pants - Custom Made | Ishtar&Brute
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Jolene in latex bonded spandex

€ 182,00 incl. VAT

Jolene in the red bonded latex is a bootcut flare great for a different look than a legging.

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Product details

The top layer is made of vulcanized latex that is bonded to a knitted fabric, the latex arrives matt but can be shined with the correct shine solution check the fabrics page for more info check the wash and care page

See through level
None with the exception of very light fabrics such as a white, red, light grey and any light or pastel colors

How to wear
Pull on

Skin tight

Knitted backing 90% Polyester - 10% Elastane / Top layer vulcanized latex

Country of origin
Custom made in Holland (single item production)

45 mm

Wash & care instructions
Handwash low heat and low amount of washing liquid pat dry and powder the outer latex shell.

Size and measurements
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