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Custom cheeks legging in black latex


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This product is made to measure and is completely customizable to your liking with color, crotch and zipper options. The black cheeky legging in the picture is not see though with a broad waistband. See product description for more information.
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Fabric: Latex/rubber

See through level: None or transparrent depending on the color you choose

How to wear: pull on, there might be some difficulty with getting them on as it is skin tight

Stretch level: medium to low depending on latex grade one or two

Options: Mid back leg trim in contrasting color or same color.  These leggings are optional with a zipper in the mid back seam through crotch or without zipper.

The crotch is optional with a male pouch or with a regular crotch.

Thickness or latex Grades: 

1 = 12/15 = 0.012"/0.015" = 0.31mm/0.38mm (Fine)

2 = 17/20 = 0.017"/0.020" = 0.43mm/0.50mm (Middle)

Waist fabric : 0.2  grade latex


Clorinated latex is good for people with a latex alergie, it makes a barrier from the latex to toutch the skin.

By chlorinating latex, the latex becomes soft and smooth. You no longer need to use talcum powder or lubricant to attract it. That is of course very nice! But there are a few points of attention if you plan to chlorinate latex.


Latex polish, brightener but also glue (!) No longer hold on to the latex after chlorination of the latex. So no more gloss and no more repairs.

Chlorination also reduces the elasticity of the latex (because the latex is more "bound" by the chemical process). So if you are going to chlorinate an existing item of clothing then it feels different after wearing it, the latex is stiffer but smoother and softer.

Everyone knows that chlorine has a bleaching effect. This is also the case with chlorination. Black looks somewhat gray after the process. The color does improve somewhat after about a day.

Because the structure of the surface after chlorination is different from untreated natural latex, glue (just like polish and brightener) no longer holds well on the latex. So it is very difficult to repair latex that has been treated.

Smell enthusiast will have hard times. The original smell will vanish completely and be replaced by a new odor. Especially a few days after the chlorination a residual smell of chlorine will be noticeable ‐ but the residual chlorine smell will vanish completely. The new odor can be described as somewhat "industrial". In case of thicker latex the inner layers of the material get only slightly chlorinated or remain unchlorinated. Here it is possible that a residual smell of the original rubber escapes to the outside and becomes noticeable. Important to mention: For the huge mass of chlorinated one should exspect a permanently altered smell.

Size and measurements: In the checkout you have to fill in your measurements data.

                                         What and how to measure we explain in the tap: How to measure

Rubber Care


Never expose to sunlight or heat, this may damage or fade the rubber. Black will tend to turn white. Store rubber in a dark, dry, cool place such as a closet, preferably in a black plastic bag.Hand wash the garment in luke warm water. A mild soap may be used if required. Hang dry both surfaces, (towel dry any metal fittings). Lightly talc the inside before storing. Liberally talc the inside before putting on a rubber garment especially tight fitting clothes such as catsuits, stockings, gloves, etc. This will enable you to slip into them with ease. When dressing, avoid using excessive force, rubber tears easily. Pulling too hard with your fingertips will leave permanent dimples. Also jewelry & sharp nails may puncture the fabric. While wearing rubber, avoid coming into contact with abrasive surfaces. This will damage the surface of the material making it lackluster & dull.To make rubber shiny, a good sheen can be attained using a silicone polish. We recommend PERV-O-SHINE, it is water-based & washable. Apply sparingly using a lint free cloth. A silicone oil or Rubber REJUVENATOR can be used after polishing to achieve a super high-gloss finish. Please note that silicone sprays do not dry completely unlike the wipe-on products, it will remain sticky to the touch. Both products are available from DeMask.Should the garment tear or become damaged in any way, do not attempt to wear or repair it. Have it professionally repaired.

Following these guidelines will help your rubber stay in tip-top condition giving you many years of pleasure. Complaints will only be entertained if you have adhered strictly to the above instructions.



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