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gogo circle skirt in metallic red rubber on spandex


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These GoGo circle skirt comes with a slim waistband and a zipper in the back. These products are made to measure. See product description for more information.


Fabric: ruber on spandex see link

How to wear: Pull on with mid back zipper in the waistband.

Stretch level: Medium

Thickness: normal

Size and measurements: In the checkout you have to fill in your measurements data. 

With the circle skirt we are only interested in your waist size. Enter the number "1"  for the other sizes. If you want a special length mention it in the check out.

If you experience length problems with circle skirts like; front is always to long compared with the back due to a hollow back or other body type issues . Please say so in the checkout

                                         What and how to measure we explain in the tap: How to measure