Ishtar and Brute thin black lyca flairs 2
Ishtar and Brute thin black lycra flairs 1
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Cheeks flare in ultra thin black silky gloss Lycra


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SKU: CL-flare-thin-black-silky-gloss-Lycra Category: fashion.
Cheeks flare in the picture is in the colour icy purple has little / no see-throughness depending on the light and the underwear, with a broad waistband. These products are made to measure and optional with a slim waistband. See product description for more information.
leg length options

Fabric: Thin Lycra  Silky gloss and touch.

See through level: medium / non it depends on colour of fabric and the underwear under the garment( such as bright coloured underwear and prints), tatoos have a posiblity to be seen through the fabric

How to wear: Pull on

Stretch level: high stretch level.

Options: till about waistline (broadwaistband) or real low rise (slim waistband).

Thickness: Thin

Size and measurements: In the checkout you have to fill in your measurements data.

                                         What and how to measure we explain in the tap: How to measure

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