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legging in rubber spandex zip through crotch


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SKU: rubber-spandex-zip-through-crotch-CL Category: fashion.
The cheeks leggings in the picture are made in a rubber spandex fabric with a zipper through the crotch and a broad waistband.
The zipper starts from the front under the waistband until the back under the waistband.
The zipper in the crotch has 4 puller on it, so you can open in different ways or close it in different ways.
The crotch has no lining behind the zip for full exposure, easy access and toilet visits. Please pay attention when using no underwear that there is no lining behind so that you take care closing and opening the zip!
Make sure you close the zip and you don't leave the zip open by accident!
These products are made to measure and will need the special measurement for it called the CLS :Crotch Length Smooth See product description for more information and check the how to measure page for the descriptions of the measurements and how to measure.
Color rubber spandex
Color zipper
crotch options


Fabric: Black rubber layer on spandex

See though level: not see through.

How to wear: Pull on legging.

Zipper: Black with 4 pullers.

Crotch: Has a zip with with no lining behind for full exposure, easy acces and toilet visits.

NOTE: Please be carefull when opening or closing the zip with no underwear, or leaving the zip open when not intended!



Size and measurements: In the checkout you have to fill in your measurements data.

                                         What and how to measure we explain in the tap: How to measure



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