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We offer 4 different types of waistbands (but are not suitable for all fabrics).

The broad waistband for regular and high stretch stretch fabrics, is a thick curved elastic band with a 10cm width and sits in the waistline.

The slim waistband is a thick 4cm wide elastic band and sits low on the hips. Cheeks leggings or pants with a slim waistband are really low rise models!    The Rise length measurement is a body measurement. It is the length of that part of the body between the waist line and the crotch line. Or the leg length minus the inseam. In case of a slim waistband option your rise length measurements is not the actual rise length of the legging or pants.The pattern setup starts from your body measurements. the first pattern set-up is till the waistline. After we calculate a certain amount of cm down to create the low rise fit  (slim waistband) . So cheeks leggings or pants with the slim waistband option are a real low rise fit, and has less rise length than your rise measurement.

The broad waistband for low stretch fabric (PU fabric) is a thick curved elastic band with a 8 cm width  and sits in the waistline.

 And last but not least the new and only possible with thin and stretchy fabrics is the thin elastic in the high waist. The thin elastic is nice for the leggings in mesh because it is sometimes an eyesore to have the elastic sandwiched between two fabrics you can see through, the only other solution is to have another material sandwiched between them. And is most suitable for thin fabrics to keep the fabric nice and thin like second skin or body paint.

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