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What is the difference between a regular legging or pants and a Ishtar & Brute CHEEKS legging or pants ?

The Ishtar & Brute Cheeks leggings are made to go between the butt cheeks as the regular leggings are not they go just around the but as you can clearly see in the pictures.The Ishtar & Brute Cheeks legging or pants give you that perfect booty fit around the butt area as the regular leggings give you a diaper effect as the Ishtar & Brute Booty fit leggings gives you a sexy body painted 3D effect. The people who buy our leggings clearly feel and see the different as they wont go back to the regular leggings. Keep in mind that the models shown in the photo's have a plus size booty with a ratio between waist and hip from 30 cm and more. So the the booty shape you see is their real booty shape. Our leggings do not make your booty look bigger. What you see is what you got. It will expose the booty shapes more.

Ishtar and Brute cheek fit legging


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